Đarkness has gained a new ally!
Our Vampire,「 Jongup 」has arrived! Welcome him!
nscxjongup: Hey hey hey, here I am!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here you are!!!!!!!!!!


{ —Waiting for her awaited victim resident to arrive, Victoria had crawled up into a ceiling vent, allowing nothing but her head and perfectly placed hair to stick out into view.} It is so very nice to finally meet you, Jongup-ssi~ we are excited to have you apart of our family! insert animated heart bubbles here

Oh, dear me. Where are my manners? { —Casually, she let her suspended figure slip through the open passage, though catching her foot against the hatch, supporting her hanging weight on one foot} I should introduce myself, right? I am Victoria, and I’ll be your President here at Night Seoul College. { —She outstretched her dangling arm to grasp his hand in hers, shaking their connected palms in a friendly manner} If you are ever in need of something/someone, you may always contact me, arasso? I will do the best that I can to aid you in any way possible~

I do hope you enjoy the time spent alongside your peers. Don’t forget to acquaint yourself with at least your fellow dorm members. HADES DORM 4LYFE.

- Vic

L O A D I N G . . .                        . . . A C C E P T E D

Character: Nam Joohyuk
Group: Model
Company: K-plus
Creature: Alien 
Powers: Kinetic absorption, memory manipulation, and probability manipulation. 
Other characters?: Nope.

▶  Personality/Background:

Joohyuk, or Selubass, was born and raised on Cygnus (Kepler-16b), one of the very few planets that orbits two stars. It’s an extremely peaceful planet with a population that is dwindling each day. Joohyuk will explain deeper if you ask him nicely. Anyway, Joohyuk was assigned to assess Earth as a suicide mission, never to return to his home planet. Of course, this was almost 50 years ago and he’s long been abandoned by his people. It’s a 200 lightyear voyage that milked the abilities of the Cygnese. Over time, Joohyuk has learned to camouflage into the population, hiding his abilities and knowledge from sight. He appears to be cold and emotionless on the outside, and he seemingly never smiles (mostly because he only allows himself 2 smiles per day, maybe 3 on a good day). Once you’ve become closer to him and have broken his shell, his personality flips.

―Please create your account within three {3} days and follow the directory, as well as the admin(s) and all of the students! When that’s completed, please notify us through your nsc account.

                   S I G N E D: I C T O R I A
nscdirectory: This is a tumblr butt touch. Pass this to at least 10 of your favourite blogs to show them how much you love their butt. Make sure you don’t break the chain or your butt will deflate. Happy tumblr butt touching! B)


Who just touched my butt..


L O A D I N G . . .                        . . . A C C E P T E D

Character: Moon Jongup
Group: B.A.P
Company: TS Entertainment
Creature: Vampire
Powers: Manipulation, Enhanced strength, Enhanced senses and Unnatural healing.
Other characters?: No I don’t have.

▶  Personality/Background:

Moon Jongup is a vampire, his current age is 352 years, still considered a child for his kind. Eventually he travelled the world to escape of the accusations, by never growing old, and for fear of being discovered beneath his lies. Jongup is an educated and smiling boy during the day, but when night comes he turns into an extremely rude person and abuses his main power.

―Please create your account within three {3} days and follow the directory, as well as the admin(s) and all of the students! When that’s completed, please notify us through your nsc account.

                   S I G N A T U R E: S O J I N

I’m away for a couple of days and you give a baby spam to the campus. Aigoo there is no taming you. Have you done the same to our other half of #NXCSHIP?

-Troll Queen

here’s some khun dancing to end the wonderful spam


Celebrate tonight. It may just be your last~ ♥

this is vic when she’s that old


you don’t wanna see 500+ years of couch potato kungfu.




*keeps all of BAP tbh*

I love this- <3

Don’t let my crazy scare you away okay?

I imagine your reaction to spotting these victims is as such;

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